Mini Pig World's Summer Litter Is Here!
The Newest Miniature Piglets Have Hit The Ground Running! Take A Look...
What is the Mini Pig Guarantee?

I am so confident in our Mini Pigs that I can personally guarantee that your Mini Pig World Mini Piglet will be between 25-60 pounds full grown, or I will refund 100% of your adoption fee, no questions asked. 

Not only that, I'll also reimburse you for all of your expenses, mini pig food, and vet care!
12 Reasons Why You Should Own A Mini Pig
  •  They are as smart as a 3 year old toddler (whoa!)
  •  They are extremely affectionate 
  •  They love to snuggle in your bed with you
  •  They love belly rubs
  •  They get along with other animals
  •  They can make different noises to signal what they want
  • They enjoy training and love to learn
  •  They love to swim and roll in the mud (mud pit!)
  •  They are very easy care for and live happily inside with you
  •  They don’t need a lot of space to live a happy life
  • They love to follow you around the house oinking
  •  And they actually stay small (size guaranteed!)
Adult Pig Size Guide
Farm Pig
An average farm pig weighs anywhere between 450-700 pounds and is definitely not "in door" pet. 
Potbellies, what most people think of as "small pigs", weigh between 75-150 pounds, are actually NOT very good indoor pets.
Kune Kune
An average Kune Kune weighs anywhere between 140-250 pounds and is not recommended as "in door" pets. 
Mini Pig World's Mini Pig
Weighing between 25-60 pounds full grown, REAL mini pigs are perfect for indoor life, and most get about the same size as a small dog.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Mini Pig?
A Mini Pig is actually a pig that has been selectively bred for their small size. 

Unlike most "mini pigs", Mini Pig World's pigs are not just small-medium sized potbelly pigs, which can tip the scales at a whopping 150 pounds, or Kune Kunes, maxing out at a hefty 250 pounds. 

Our mini pigs are all between 25-60 pounds fully grown at 5 years old, guaranteed!
What should I feed my
Mini Pig?
I recommend that you stick with Mazuri mini pig feed as their daily diet. 

It is the best nutritional food on the market. As far as snacks, fruits and vegetables are excellent choices to maintain a healthy weight. 
Are Mini Pigs hypoallergenic? 
Yes they are! 

If you have severe allergies, or someone in your family does, one of our mini pigs will make a great addition to your home because they are hypoallergenic. 

You can cuddle them, snuggle them and even have them sleep in your bed without any problems. 

How many piglets are available? 
Right now we're in the throws of our piglet season! We have a dozen or more available, but they go fast! Last year we sold out of Mini Piglets before the middle of the summer. 

If you're looking to reserve your mini pig, click the button above and let's jump on a call! :)

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